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About Me

Maria Kravchik


My photography journey started as a hobby back when I was a college student still living in Iceland. The first camera was analog and the favorite subject was landscape. Since those days I am a big fan of dramatic contrast lighting and minimalist lines, as you can probably tell.

The hobby was put on hold, as I moved countries and started working as a computer programmer in a typical high-rise office building in a big mid-western US city, among busy people and noisy streets, so very different to the serenity and solitude of the island life.

Fast forward few more years and countries and photography, this time professional lifestyle and portrait photography, finally came back into my life along with my move to Austria where we settled down with my family.

I did my official studies with the pro photographer Robert Pichler at Lightbox Academy here in Vienna back in 2012 and opened up my studio shortly thereafter.

From the very start my goal has been to shoot modern, yet timeless portraits. Till this day I keep honing the craft to stay relevant, taking online courses from leading international photographers.


For me quality always comes before quantity. Meeting people, making connections and having great conversations is an important part of the process of making high-end dynamic portraits that stand out, give people confidence and help them make the right first impression.


Silverhat Studio

Being open and natural in front of the camera is not always easy in a studio setting, but it's something that absolutely anyone can learn with the right guidance and some practice time.

That's what Silverhat experience is all about. Every session begins with a friendly chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Together we select the best outfits for  two or three different backgrounds. Next we do plenty of test shots to find your best angles and I coach you how to pose and stay natural in front of the lens.


Throughout the shooting we will be looking at the images we are getting to make sure you like the results. The goal of the session is to have a big variety of shots where you look your best, relaxed and confident self. Some people might need more time than others, but everyone succeeds!

After the session I upload the best images to a private online gallery from where you can make your final selection at your own pace. Once I have your "ok", the images will be retouched and prepared for download via new gallery link within 2 business days.

That's it! If you like to hear more or have some specific requests, I'll be happy to answer you anytime via mail or phone. Don't hesitate, I look forward hearing from you!

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